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Why Choose Portsmouth to Manage your Investment Property

More Time, More Money, and More Peace of Mind…

Most people wish they had handed over the responsibility of managing their rental property much earlier. Working with Portsmouth Residential is a no-brainer for those who see their properties as a financial investment and are ready to get their time back. We ensure every property is managed as if it was our own, based on the qualities you care about, using industry-leading technology.

It’s important to consider working with a company that directly suits your needs and provides the best value. Here are a few key reasons Portsmouth Residential stands out from the rest.

Flat Rate Membership Fee

We offer flat-rate memberships because we don’t believe in charging more for the same work. When your rental rates increase over time, those gains are yours to enjoy, unlike percentage-based management fees.

Get Your Time Back

With 24-hour access to your online member portal, you have real-time information at your fingertips. From tracking resident payments to monitoring work orders, to generating reports, members have an online window into what’s happening in their unit.

18 years in Property Management

A lot has changed in property management over the last 18 years. Our team at Portsmouth Residential has been through it all and has gained substantial experience to help manage your property in any scenario. These are some of the changes we’ve experienced since entering the property management industry.

Market Fluctuations

It’s no secret that there have been some moments of crisis and recovery since the early 2000’s. With high unemployment rates and a damaged economy comes a considerable impact on property management. As a result, we saw home foreclosures, skyrocketing home prices and a lot of uncertainty.

With two significant historical events under our belt, we’ve been able to experience and adapt to the challenges both tenants and investors face in these times. We are committed to ensuring both parties continue to get what they need from us, especially in times of distress.

Reviewed and Revised

Any new business is bound to face some challenges and make mistakes while getting started. We were no exception. There were times that we didn’t know how to handle certain tenant complications or were faced with repairs that took longer than anticipated. However, every obstacle is treated as an opportunity. We reflect on them, learn from them and make changes to serve our customers better and create a solid business structure.

Turned Digital

The world is embracing digital, and we weren’t willing to fall behind. Some of the less-exciting property management processes are here to stay, but they can and have been improved over time.

Implementing digital leasing, reporting, and rent collection, along with the use of an online portal for tenants and landlords, was one of the most innovative things Portsmouth Residential has done. Everyone we work with appreciates the efficient hands-off approach this allows. As a result, tenants feel more comfortable in their homes without constant interruptions from their landlord, and landlords feel more like free agents in business.

22,000+ Leases Executed in Ontario

We’ve worked with many people, and no two agreements are ever the same. The lease is where the partnership between the landlord and the tenant comes together. Finalizing a lease is arguably one of the most important pieces of property management. Here are some of the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Need to rent your property ASAP?

We’ve Seen It All

Property management is a new job every day. Every property has different amenities, every tenant has a unique living style, and every investor has their own personal reason for handing over the keys to us. Not a lot surprises our team at this point, but we’ve developed a strong strategy for working through anything that does.

Choosing the Right Tenants

Every tenant has different needs and reasons for renting from you. Sometimes it can be related to the price of the unit, location, amenities, or even the flexibility of the lease. Of course, as a property owner, you have different needs from other owners as well.

After working with thousands of people, we’ve learned that thorough tenant screening is the best way to ensure a smooth rental agreement. Then, we can match them to an appropriate unit based on what’s important to them.

The Legal Stuff

The legal requirements of managing a rental property can be a lot more complex than people expect. Most of the time, landlords can get lucky with no significant need for legal action. However, it’s almost inevitable to require some support as your time as an investor goes on.

Working with Portsmouth Residential ensures you have all your bases covered. If you’re concerned about staying current with tenant rights, legal documents or building code regulations, that is something our paralegal team takes care of.

50,000+ Happy Customers

Working with people is what we do best. Most homeowners come to us because they want an investment property as an additional source of income without taking away more of their time. It doesn’t take long trying to manage your own properties before realizing the downfall is not the income but the hours traded for it. These are some of the most common reasons people say they love working with us.

Repairs and Maintenance

Damage never occurs when you’re ready for it. Unfortunately, unless you’re widely versed in the trades, repairs and maintenance can be some of the most expensive and time-consuming parts of managing a rental property.

When something goes wrong in our own home, we might push it off for a few days, weeks or even months. However, in the case of a rental property, your tenant will likely not be as accommodating. Such a delay might even suggest a reduced rental rate for the affected period.

Portsmouth Residential is always prepared for the unexpected. Our dedicated team takes care of maintenance and repairs on your behalf while recovering expenses to reduce your chance of having to pay out of pocket. Reliable tenants are happy tenants, so providing them timely service to ensure their comfort in your property is worthwhile for us, and ultimately, for you.

Marketing and Advertising

Clear and transparent marketing is how we attract suitable tenants to each property we manage. By sharing our offers honestly, there are no surprises, and tenants are happier with their living environment. The value of a satisfied tenant is second to none because it results in a better experience for all our investors.

24/7 Support

We’re always available, so you don’t have to be. It’s the responsibility of the property manager to maintain safe and comfortable living conditions for their tenants. As we mentioned before, things don’t usually go wrong when you’re ready for it. It is common for a landlord to get notified of a problem requiring immediate attention at any given time.

Hiring a property management company is worthwhile for investors looking to save time and money. Still, there are several factors to consider before deciding which one to trust with your property. With the points we’ve outlined here, you can see that our team at Portsmouth Residential has a history of success and is here to work with you.

Get more time back, make more money, and have more peace of mind. Learn what a Portsmouth Membership can do for you!

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